The First 90 Days: Triage & execution for new IT managers

By Jon Xavier

This is the fourth post in our ongoing series: The First 90 Days.  When you're coming into

In IT, your day will happily fill itself with "urgent" work if you let it. Good triage and day planning skills are what separate a good IT manager from a great one. Read more »

macOS Media Management: A Deep Dive

By Jon Xavier. Special thanks to Reyna Sparby and Aidan Mulrooney.

In macOS, the behavior of various types of media

macOS' mobileconfig payload for media management helps control access to external media, but it has quirks. Here's documentation to get the most out of it. Read more »

Ultimate 2019 guide to identifying phishing emails


By Jon Xavier

Cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link. Unfortunately, that weak link is often us.


A high-level look at commonalities between phishing attacks, examples of what these attacks look like in the wild, and how employees can protect themselves. Read more »