macOS Media Management: A Deep Dive

By Jon Xavier. Special thanks to Reyna Sparby and Aidan Mulrooney.

In macOS, the behavior of various types of media

macOS' mobileconfig payload for media management helps control access to external media, but it has quirks. Here's documentation to get the most out of it. Read more »

What is Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)?

By Jon Xavier

Device deployment is often one of the biggest time sucks for IT administrators. Every time a new

Apple's Device Enrollment Program, or DEP, makes your life easier by automating much of device setup. Find out everything you need to know about it with this short primer. Read more »

What is Apple Business Manager (ABM)?

By Jon Xavier

If there’s one thing you learn quickly in the world of Apple IT, it’s that

Apple Business Manager helps IT admins better manage their devices and apps. Get the full rundown on its capabilities and why you want it here. Read more »

What is User Approved MDM (UAMDM)?

What is User Approved MDM

By Jesse Endahl

User Approved MDM (UAMDM) is a new concept initially introduced by Apple in macOS 10.13.2.

User Approved MDM is necessary in newer versions of macOS to unlock every management feature. Learn what it is and how you can get it with this short primer. Read more »