By Frank Yang

It’s your monthly update on all things Fleetsmith! This month was chock full of work to get us ready for macOS Catalina, but there was also performance improvements, changes to make your life easier, and a much-requested catalog item for customizing the login screen.

macOS Catalina update

Testing macOS Catalina has continued to be a major area of focus for the team here at Fleetsmith. This past month, we found and worked through some changes required by the new features that are coming, most notably Activation Lock management and the new TCC/PPPC notifications. Rest assured, these aren’t things you’ll even have to think about when Catalina is released — we’re doing this work now so you don’t have to do any work later.

New catalog item: Login Window

The new Login Window catalog item allows you to customize the macOS login screen across your devices, so you can do everything from add a reminder about your device policies to configuring which authentication options are available. This is something a lot of you have been requesting, so we’re really pleased to make it available.

G Suite user import improvements

Fleetsmith integrates with G Suite as an identity provider, which gives you the ability to import users to minimize data entry. That’s great, but until now it’s been necessary to already be a G Suite admin to perform this import — annoying when you don’t want everyone who administers devices to also be a G Suite admin. We refactored the way we connect to G Suite so that an administrator account is no longer required to perform this import. In addition, you can now sign up for Fleetsmith without needing to be an admin in your G Suite organization.

Performance upgrades & quality of life improvements

We want to ensure you have a smooth experience using Fleetsmith whether you have 50 devices or 5,000 devices. To that end we recently tuned our /users page to make it noticeably more speedy for customers with large teams. We also made a change behind the scenes that will let us more easily support customers that have multiple domain names. Now if you need to change the domain or the owner associated with your account for any reason, this can be resolved immediately by support instead of needing to be escalated to the engineering team.

Thank you for another great month. As always, please contact us at if you have any questions or comments about anything we’ve released recently. We love to hear from you, and we're here to help!