The First 90 Days: New IT manager situation audit

By Jon Xavier

This is the second post in our ongoing series: The First 90 Days. When you're coming into

A full audit of technology, processes, and people is the first thing you should do as a new IT manager. Here's our advice on how to do it right. Read more »

June Product Update

By Frank Yang

This past month the team added a couple new apps to the catalog and made some behind-the-scenes

This past month Fleetsmith added catalog support for TeamViewer and Figma, allowing these apps to be deployed and updated without any manual packaging work. Read more »

macOS Media Management: A Deep Dive

By Jon Xavier. Special thanks to Reyna Sparby and Aidan Mulrooney.

In macOS, the behavior of various types of media

macOS' mobileconfig payload for media management helps control access to external media, but it has quirks. Here's documentation to get the most out of it. Read more »