Today, along with announcing that we’ve raised $30 million in Series B funding, we’re unveiling an all-new admin console. It was redesigned for the way you work, with an entirely fresh look and feel, new features, and major under-the-hood improvements (which means a faster, smoother product experience). We’ll be rolling out the new admin console over the next couple of months. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Redesigned for the way you work

The new admin console was completely redesigned with you in mind. To start, we added tips and guides on how to leverage intelligence insights and configuration options. We also refreshed the graphics, color, and text so it’s easier for you to access and use the new admin console on any device and screen. We added more advanced dashboard visualizations so you can more clearly see what’s going on with your fleet, and a more flexible information architecture makes it easier for you to take action. This approach is part of our vision for how IT products should work—they should empower you to get your work done faster and better, not slow you down with clunky, legacy designs and bulky documentation.

New guided onboarding


Our new guided onboarding also anticipates common IT workflows like adding a new device, allowing you to move through the setup, deployment, and management processes more intuitively. New tooltips describe exactly where you are in the setup process, and why each step is important. This guided onboarding is a simple, four-step process that gets your devices managed within minutes of signup, regardless of your level of prior experience or expertise. You shouldn’t need domain expertise to easily and securely manage devices—whether you’re an office manager for whom IT is one of many hats or you’re a full-time Mac admin, we strive to provide you with all the domain knowledge you need within our product.

Easier management for large deployments


If you’re responsible for a large number of devices, the new admin console also makes it easier for you to manage them. New pagination controls allow for quick navigation of large sets of devices, and bulk assignment of devices to profiles enables faster setup—eliminating what would have been hours of manual work.

A few words on IT software and delight

Every product you encounter should be delightful—especially the ones you spend so much of your time using. Delight may not be a word traditionally associated with IT software, but we’re here to design a product you truly love. To do this, we start by understanding the goal you’re trying to accomplish as an admin. Then, we build a product that allows you to accomplish that goal in the fastest, most delightful way we can think of. Our design process also considers myriad factors for every page and every flow, meaning you end up with a product that is delightful and “just works.”

Let us know what you think of our new admin console by writing to We’re constantly improving Fleetsmith based on your feedback, and we want to hear what you think about the new admin console. And if you’re as excited about building exceptional products as we are, join our team! We’re hiring in product, design, engineering, marketing, sales, and more!

This post was written by Ishita Arora.