Here’s your update on all things Fleetsmith for May! We’ve had a lot of interesting product enhancements rolling out this month, so be sure to check them out.

macOS Mojave 10.14.5 is here

The new version of macOS Mojave, 10.14.5, is now in the Fleetsmith Catalog and ready to be enforced across your machines.

Media Management

Thumb drives, external hard drives, and other storage media are a big  security risk. If you’ve worked in security for any amount of time, you’ve probably daydreamed about going around your company with epoxy and sealing every USB port you find. Fleetsmith can’t do that for you,  but we’ve got the next best thing: Media management! In a few clicks, you can block all physical media from being mounted. This actually goes beyond the raw commands offered by most MDMs, as Apple’s default solution has some quirks we put a lot of care into mitigating.

Read more about media management in Fleetsmith here.

New G Suite permission structure

We’ve updated our permissions model for G Suite users to give you more flexibility access controls. Previously, admin privileges were carried over from G Suite when we imported users. Now, the two are separate. New users created in Fleetsmith will start off with the lowest  permissions level regardless of their G Suite status, and can be manually promoted to Administrator, which will give them access to the  Admin Console. Users that are already an administrator can also be demoted back to the base permissions level, which can only access the Fleetsmith Enrollment Portal to self-enroll their device.

No existing user permissions are changing as a part of this update. But we recommend you take the opportunity to double check permission levels for your users and make sure it still fits your needs.

New Fleetsmith Admin Console rollout continues

Our new and improved Admin Console is rolling out to all customers this  month, so if you don’t see the new version yet, just wait, you’ll get it  soon. In addition to being the first phased rollout in the history of Fleetsmith, this update brings with it a bunch of enhancements that  should make your life easier.

You’re probably sick of us talking about this by now (we’re excited), but if you haven’t read about the updated Admin Console yet, check out our blog post for the details.

A note on app notarization

Apple is slowly shifting its security model to one where apps need an  additional verification step called “notarization” before they are allowed to run. Notarization is currently optional for apps, but  beginning with macOS 10.14.5, kernel extensions will need to be  notarized.

This obviously comes with some risk of disruption if you’re running  things from devs that have not yet begun to notarize. Have no worries about Fleetsmith, though. We’ve been testing it thoroughly and have reworked our build processes, so you should see no change to the way Fleetsmith functions due to notarization.

If you would like to know more, we wrote a primer on app notarization for Apple admins. We’ll keep it updated as more information becomes available!

Thanks for another great month! As always, we value your feedback. If you’ve got any suggestions, comments, or concerns, send them our way at