Jesse Wes Zack Sam at MacADUK

The Mac Admins and Developers UK Conference (MacADUK) 2017 in London was a ton of fun. We spent time with our Mac admin friends and learned more about how they’re managing their fleets. The warm welcome we received from Londoners and the admin community made us feel right at home!

We also loved the conference activities and attended many of the sessions. Here’s a quick overview of a few we found interesting:

Nick McSpadden: “Automating Complex Deployment”

Nick McSpadden, a Client Platform Engineer at Facebook, offered a great piece of advice for managing a Mac fleet: “Automate everything.”

At Facebook, he automates many different management processes—all of his small optimizations add up to a lot of valuable time saved. He also suggested that Mac admins version control their scripts. Why? It gives them the flexibility of easy rollbacks and human code review.

If you're interested in learning more, check out Nick's blog OS X Dominion or follow him on Twitter.

Luis Giraldo: “Preparing for IPv6”

Luis Giraldo, CEO of Ook Enterprises Ltd, gave an overview of IPv6 and provided practical tips for rollout:

IPv6 is massive—it includes 340 undecillion web addresses! (That’s 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 36 zeros. Dang.) So how should companies rollout IPv6? Start now! Thoughtful early planning helps prevent disruptive changes later on.

NAT66 is not recommended for unique local addresses (ULA). Avoid it!

For more from Luis, you can find his full slides here or follow him on Twitter.

Pepijn Bruienne: “Securing the managed environment”

Pepijn Bruienne The Numbers MacADUK

Pepijn Bruienne, an R&D Engineer at Duo Security (and former Mac admin), dispelled some of the popular myths surrounding corporate security. 26% of data breaches for example, actually involve printers.

What are hackers going after? User devices are increasingly a target. Server attacks are actually trending downward, and device attacks are trending upward.

Pepijn also suggested that Mac admins ensure their management tools are configured securely by default. When they’re not, attackers can easily use them to gain corporate access. We loved this emphasis on security—it’s something we care deeply about too.

Pepijn's full conference slides are here. For more of his writing, check out his blog Enterprise Mac or follow him on Twitter.

In addition to the great speakers we highlighted here, there were many others we didn't get the chance to see. MacADUK has a roundup of more speaker slides here.

And because we <3 Twitter, here’s a recap of some of our favorite MacADUK moments. We're excited to see everyone again next year!