This past month the team added a couple new apps to the catalog and made some behind-the-scenes changes to get things ready for notarization. Take a look at what's been going on!


We recently added catalog support for TeamViewer, a popular remote desktop application. Or, as one member of our catalog team put it: the “I need to fix my Grandma’s computer but she’s across the country so I'm gonna install this while I’m on vacation so I can fix it next time she calls” app.


Also new in the Fleetsmith catalog this month, Figma, a great app for collaborating on user interfaces and design. Fun fact, we actually use Figma at Fleetsmith. So every screen in the new Fleetsmith Admin Console was once a mockup in Figma lovingly argued over by our design team. Thanks Figma!

Performance Update

Earlier this year, we temporarily disabled beta support of iOS while we worked to address performance issues. This project continues to progress. In the coming weeks, you may notice occasional check-ins from iOS devices. To be clear, this will be very intermittent if it occurs. We are not yet ready to commit to a timetable for restoring full service, but we wanted to let you know that it may happen so there are no surprises.

To share a little more context, we had originally identified that our job handling for iOS check-ins had significantly impacted performance across all our services. Since then, we’ve upgraded our job handler service, and are currently testing our solution carefully to understand its impact on the rest of the services before rolling it out fully.

If you require some emergency iOS management (e.g., removal of a profile) please submit a support ticket with a list of serial numbers, and we can help generate these commands. It may take some time for us to get through these requests, as we will be executing them manually. Remote lock and remote wipe commands will continue to function even as we address issues with device check ins.

I want to apologize for the long delay in getting iOS support back up and running, and I thank you for your patience as we continue to invest in reliability during this beta period.

Fleetsmith Agent Update

You may have noticed a small update to the Fleetsmith Agent in May. This was a part of the work we’ve been doing to ensure there’s zero disruption from the new notarization requirements in macOS Mojave. With this update both the UI notification app and the force notifier app for the agent have been notarized and stapled. This means they’ll work regardless of connectivity to Apple’s notarization server.

Read more about notarization, it’s potential impacts, and what Fleetsmith is doing about it.

New website & brand refresh

While it’s not strictly product-related, we recently refreshed the look of our website and our branding and we’re pretty proud of it. If you haven't seen it recently, check it out!

Incidentally, this also means we have new Fleetsmith-branded swag, so if you see us at a conference (We'll be in Sydney, Australia next week for X World), stop by, say hi, and pick some up.

That’s it! Thank you for your support this month, and every month. As always, we value your questions and feedback, so drop us a line at if you want to talk about anything in this update.