July was a busy month for us, as usual. Here are some new developments you may have missed.

Zoom Vulnerability

Last week’s Zoom security vulnerability was a big headache for a lot of Apple admins—except those who use Fleetsmith. One of the biggest advantages of using Fleetsmith is the way that we keep apps in our Catalog effortlessly updated, and in this case we had the fix up the same day (when Zoom released their update). For Catalog items like Zoom that don’t need a system restart, this is entirely seamless. It happens automatically in the background, with no need for your users to click a prompt to update or for you to schedule it on your end.

Read more about how we help protect you in our blog.

Box Drive

The most recent addition to our Catalog is Box Drive. Box Drive allows you to edit and manage Box content while conserving your computer’s disk space and delivering the same functionality as Box Sync.

Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure was a big focus for us this month. It might not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but we take it very seriously. In order to continue to deliver you the reliability and performance you deserve, we work hard to make sure our foundations are solid before we build new features on top of it.

Changes to the Dashboard

We will be experimenting with the pages you see immediately after logging in, so in the upcoming days, you may notice a change to the default page of the Fleetsmith Admin Console. Dashboard may no longer be the first page that comes up when you log in, but don’t worry, it’s still there! By testing this out, we hope to save you time and better match your workflows. As usual, please share any feedback you have by replying or sending an email to support@fleetsmith.com!

Thanks for another great month!