By Fleetsmith Product Team

Today, we’re unveiling Custom Apps: a new feature that allows you to deploy any software your company uses through Fleetsmith. Custom Apps will be available in open beta soon — we’ll update this post when you can sign up.

What is Custom Apps?

Custom Apps provides a simple, script-free interface you can use to deploy any app or custom .pkg file, such as your own internal tools and apps that include a kernel extension. It can even handle complicated packages like antivirus software that require special permissions, which means zero-touch deployment on new devices for you, and a smooth, interruption-free installation for your employees.

Here’s what else Custom Apps offers:

  • Easy deployment:  Most apps can be deployed without the headaches of scripting using our simple, straightforward interface.
  • Silent, disruption-free installs: Kernel extension and TCC whitelisting let you deploy apps that need extensive system permissions without triggering annoying prompts for employees.
  • Automatic new device setup: Apps will be deployed through our true zero-touch deployment, allowing them to be installed on a new device automatically and without manual touch.

What about the Fleetsmith Catalog?

Though Custom Apps is an option for any app, you can (and should!) deploy apps available through our Catalog, where we’ve taken care of and automated all aspects of app management. Our Catalog contains the most-used business apps, settings, and OS upgrades — all kept up-to-date automatically, and ready to deploy to your fleet in a few clicks. You’ll need to make sure any apps deployed through Custom Apps are hosted and kept up-to-date, and keep in mind that it’s not currently available for iOS or tvOS.

With the addition of Custom Apps, we’re excited to offer the most advanced package management functionality of any device management provider. Stay tuned for an update on when the Custom Apps beta opens, and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear how you use Custom Apps — send us a note at