Fleetsmith Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Our CEO Zack Blum is a guest on Episode 336 of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast with Neil Hughes this week, talking through Fleetsmith news and Mac security tips.

Zack was first on Episode 163 of the show in December, where he and Neil discussed the state of viruses on Macs and how we can fix IT's "well-deserved reputation" as overbearing.

In this episode, Zack and Neil again talk Mac security, but also Fleetsmith Free and custom bash scripts, our Privacy Shield certification, how we communicate with customers, and much more.

Also tune in to hear Zack’s top two tips for companies to get secure—one of them you should do right now!

You can listen to the full episode below, subscribe to Neil’s Tech Blog Writer Podcast on iTunes, and learn more about the show here.