Fleetsmith + Office 365

This week, we hit a major milestone in our quest to manage every Mac on the planet—Microsoft Office 365 support! With this release, Office 365 joins our existing Google G Suite integration as an option for user authentication and account provisioning. That means you can connect Office 365 (via Microsoft’s enterprise identity management platform, Azure AD) to Fleetsmith and achieve:

  • 1-click signup. Signup takes under 10 seconds from start to finish (we’re serious). No new username and password required. Just sign up with your existing Office 365 account.
  • Zero-config Single Sign-On. No directory config or attribute mapping required.
  • Automatic employee-to-device pairing. No more painstakingly-updated inventory spreadsheets. The right employee is automatically pre-assigned when approving a device.
  • Zero-touch deployment. Provision new devices easily with no manual work—Fleetsmith creates the necessary user accounts, configures the device, and installs the necessary apps and settings to meet your specifications.

Illustration of the user creation experience with Fleetsmith and Office 365
Fleetsmith automatically creates macOS accounts on your users’ devices to match their Office 365 usernames.

Since G Suite and Office 365 are by far the most common identity providers (IdPs), Fleetsmith is now available to nearly anyone who wants to make their Mac fleet dead simple to manage while ensuring the highest level of security, compliance, and user productivity.

Most of us on the founding team worked in IT before we started Fleetsmith. Back then, a common annoyance we experienced was that vendors often rushed their implementations when they made an announcement like this. In the interest of checking a compatibility box, they would leave off key features, treat user experience as an afterthought, and ignore edge cases. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up, of course, with a so-called “minimal viable product” release. Yet far too often we’d find that “viable” had a very different meaning for us—the people actually using a product—than it did for the person designing that product’s marketing campaign.

That frustration is why we spent so much time and effort making our Office 365 integration as seamless as possible.

Signing up for Fleetsmith through Office 365 is identical to our current G Suite experience. It’s still just one click to create an account and start managing your fleet, and still free to try for up to 10 devices. You will be able to take advantage of the industry’s only true zero-touch deployment experience, which lets you ship Macs that are pre-enrolled with Fleetsmith directly from Apple, automatically provision them with macOS accounts matching their Office 365 username, and then install the software and configurations they need from our extensive app catalog—all without ever touching the device. And Fleetsmith with Office 365 is packed with the advanced features that make us such a popular choice for security-conscious companies—FileVault management with automatic key escrow, remote lock and wipe, kernel extension whitelisting, and more.

In other words, there aren’t two separate versions of Fleetsmith. There’s just one, and it works with whichever IdP you prefer. If you’re responsible for managing Macs, and you’re tired of unpolished fleet management experiences, we’d be honored if you tried it out—again, totally free for up to 10 devices, for as long as you need.

And if you do happen to have another identity solution that you’d prefer to use, let us know about it here, or drop us a line at support@fleetsmith.com. We’re always thinking of ways to make Fleetsmith more powerful and accessible, and we take community feedback very seriously.