Jesse at Google Cloud Next

Our CSO and co-founder Jesse Endahl will join Google Cloud Product Manager Maya Kaczorowski at Google Cloud Next ‘18 on Tuesday, July 24 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center to discuss how organizations can meet common enterprise security requirements for Kubernetes environments.

The 50-minute breakout session, Kubernetes for Enterprise Security Requirements, will be held on Tuesday, July 24 from 12:35-1:25 p.m. in SEC107.

Organizations often overlook basic security hygiene. There is a tendency in the security industry to focus on security projects that are shiny and new, rather than on practical security best practices that are critical for a good security defense. At Fleetsmith, we encourage enterprises to think about security holistically—it should never be an afterthought—and integrate security at each layer of the technology stack. This includes containers—virtualization environments that enterprises are adopting as the next step in their infrastructure’s evolution but are often blocked by security, compliance, and other regulatory requirements.

Large corporations already run Kubernetes workloads in production. So how are they doing it? In their talk at Google Cloud Next, Jesse and Maya will discuss some of the most common Kubernetes enterprise security requirements and detail how you can use native Kubernetes features and other tools to meet these needs. They will also talk about what security-focused companies like Fleetsmith are doing to approach security from not only a product perspective, but also to make it a fundamental part of all internal processes.

Google Cloud Next is a three-day global exhibition that brings together developers and those who are passionate about an accessible, scalable, socially responsible cloud—a cloud that allows people to share challenges, solutions, ideas and new technologies.

We’re looking forward to seeing there!