Fleetsmith April 2018 Launch

When the four of us founded Fleetsmith a few years ago, we set out to make powerful, secure Mac fleet management available for everyone. Driven by our own experience manually tracking device inventory with error-prone spreadsheets, we were motivated to eliminate the old, frustrating process of managing Macs. We also stitched together open source tools, but realized that only companies with time, resources, and specialized in-house IT engineering teams could pull it off.

So while iterating on our product in beta, we aimed to make device deployment and management as simple and delightful as possible. Each customer who joined us along the way helped shape Fleetsmith immensely.

Today marks a few major milestones for us. First, we’re excited to announce that Fleetsmith is out of beta and available in GA. Second, we're thrilled to share that we raised a $7.7 million Series A funding round led by Upfront Ventures, and welcomed a new advisor, Puppet founder Luke Kanies. We'll use this capital to fuel our aggressive plans for continued product innovation and company growth. Finally, as part of our GA offering, we're debuting new capabilities that make it easier and more secure to manage Apple devices, including features that unlock a true "zero-touch deployment" workflow.

Here are the three big product updates we’re sharing today:

Fleetsmith Automatic macOS Account

  • Zero-touch deployment. With our deep G Suite integration, app catalog, and new support for Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), we enable organizations to ship Apple devices straight to employees without IT intervention. From the moment a user opens a new device and connects to WiFi, no matter where in the world they are, Fleetsmith will automatically set up their computer by creating macOS accounts, installing commonly used apps, and configuring important settings like WiFi, printers, and disk encryption.

Fleetsmith Erase Device

  • Remote lock and wipe of devices. Backed by Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM), this gives IT a new level of access and control in managing their fleet, and offers a way to immediately protect important company data if a device is lost or stolen.

  • Upcoming support for iOS and tvOS devices. From iPads in the classroom to Apple TVs in conference rooms, more organizations than ever are using a range of Apple devices to support their business needs. With our upcoming support for iOS and tvOS, our customers will be able to manage their entire fleet of Apple devices with Fleetsmith.

In addition, Fleetsmith now solves the deployment headache of whitelisting kernel extensions while maintaining the security of your devices. Apps that IT teams manage via the Fleetsmith Catalog will have their kernel extensions whitelisted automatically, while other extensions will still require user approval.

As IT and security leaders at Dropbox and Fandom, we dreamed of creating what you see today—a secure, cloud-based product with a powerful, yet intuitive interface that takes the pain out of Mac management. We worked hard to bring that vision to life, so that organizations like yours, around the world, can keep moving forward and doing amazing things.

We’re grateful to our customers and investors for their support, and we look forward to continuing on our mission to make powerful, secure device management available to everyone. If you want to read more about today's announcements, you can also check out our press releases here and here.