Fleetsmith Fleet Health HealthScore Quiz
It can be overwhelming to juggle the many dimensions of device management. It can even be challenging to have an understanding of what you should be doing, let alone actually having the time to tackle everything.

Thus, we’ve created a simple quiz to help you understand how you’re tracking towards your device management goals, and what categories of tasks need the most TLC in your organization.

(Psst, if you don’t get a great grade, don’t fret, Fleetsmith can help you address the issues in a quick and painless way!)

The four categories we’ll help you evaluate your fleet on are the following:

  • Security — Adopting best in class security practices functions as insurance in case anything goes wrong. An employee left a laptop on a plane? Someone forgot their password and can’t access critical work? These situations are a lot less stressful if you’ve done the security legwork beforehand.
  • Device setup — Employee onboarding and initial device set up is pivotal in setting up your organization for success. Making sure that folks get off to the right start from the very beginning means less time spent playing that stressful game of reactive catchup!
  • Visibility — Having an up-to-date understanding of the health of your fleet will help you rest easy at night, knowing that when issues do arise, you’ll be able to identify and remediate them quickly! There’s nothing scarier than unknown unknowns.
  • Inventory — Devices are enablers and amplifiers of employee productivity. Keeping track of them and their state ensures that you know things like when to refresh out-dated models or replace degraded batteries.

Take the quiz here!