Fleetsmith MacAdmins Podcast

We’re excited to share that we joined Pepijn Bruienne, Charles Edge, and Tom Bridge on Episode 36 of the MacAdmins Podcast—one of the best resources out there for anyone who manages Macs.

In this episode, our co-founder Jesse Endahl covers everything from how he got his start in IT (and what initially sparked his interest in computers), to our founding story and startup life, and our philosophy behind building software for people in charge of managing Macs.

Also tune in to hear a discussion on the “old” versus “new” styles of Mac management, why we chose our tech stack, and how security has been built into our company culture from day one.

Toward the end of the episode, we talk through the week’s Apple and Mac news—the Proton.B/Handbrake malware, the MS Defender RCE, rumors about the next iPhone, and Apple’s whopping $800B market cap.

You can listen to the full episode below, subscribe to the MacAdmins Podcast on iTunes, and learn more about the podcast here.

Lastly, see below for a rundown of the security resources Jesse references during the podcast: