When we announced Custom Apps in closed beta in October, we were excited to see that so many of you wanted to try it out. Well, today the wait is over: Custom Apps is now available for all Fleetsmith customers!

So what is Custom Apps? As a refresher, it’s a feature that enables admins to deploy any app or custom .pkg file through Fleetsmith, not just those already available through the Fleetsmith Catalog. It can also whitelist those packages — automatically enabling kernel extensions and suppressing TCC popups — which makes for seamless, reliable, and disruption-free app deployment across your entire Mac fleet.

Since a .pkg file can be almost anything — an app, a script, a complex nested arrangement of apps and scripts — you can do a lot with Custom Apps. Not only does it unlock the ability to deploy hard-to-install applications like endpoint security software, advanced users can even use .pkgs to do complex pre- and post- install configuration.

It all comes in addition to the Fleetsmith Catalog — a fully automated experience for the more than 80 apps we support, now infinitely expandable through Custom Apps. We still encourage you to deploy apps using our Catalog if possible, because we’ve taken care of all aspects of management for those apps, and all you need to do is click to deploy to your fleet.

The general availability of Custom Apps includes all the features present in the beta ...

  • Easy deployment: Most apps can be deployed without the headaches of scripting using our simple, straightforward interface.
  • Disruption-free installs: Kernel extension and TCC whitelisting let you deploy apps that need extensive system permissions without triggering annoying prompts for employees.
  • Automatic new device setup: Apps will be deployed through our true zero-touch deployment, allowing them to be installed on a new device automatically and without manual touch.

…and one more thing. With our full launch we're also excited to announce support for Fleetsmith fully-hosted package uploads! In addition to the you-host URL option our customers have been using during beta, you can now upload your .pkg files to Fleetsmith, and we'll host them for you!

We want to make Custom Apps even better, so we love your feedback. Reach us at support@fleetsmith.com with your comments or questions!