By Frank Yang

This month we’ve been focused on stability and backend improvements, as well as preparing to support the new version of macOS on day 1 when it launches this Fall.

Here’s the recap:


The latest addition to our catalog is Egnyte, a popular enterprise file sharing solution. This means the Fleetsmith Catalog now supports all of the major file sharing applications, but if there’s still one you use that’s not there, feel free to drop us a line about it!

OS Update Remediation

A while back we identified an odd bug that would cause OS updates to seem to complete, but then not actually install the new version. This is a very tricky issue with bridgeOS, and it’s notoriously hard to reproduce. Although we’ve yet to find a permanent solution, extensive testing has yielded a corrective that significantly lowers the frequency of this bug. You will notice that the Fleetsmith Agent has been updated to a new version (2.96) to implement this remediation.

macOS 10.14.6 Update

Speaking of OS updates, macOS 10.14.6 is now available in the catalog and is ready to be enforced across all your devices.

Catalina regression testing

We will support macOS Catalina right out of the gate when it is released, which will allow you to enforce the update immediately—no manual packaging, testing, or nagging your workforce required. It takes a lot of testing work on our end to ensure this process is completely seamless on yours, so this has been a major area of focus for us this month. That includes app compatibility—you won’t have to worry that the update will break something you’re using, because we’re already testing every app in our catalog to ensure that there’ll be no disruption once Catalina rolls around.

Thank you for another great month! As usual, please reach out to if you’ve got any questions about any of these updates or just want to comment on your needs. We love to hear from you!