Fleetsmith Custom Bash Scripts

Today, Custom Bash Scripts are available for all Fleetsmith customers. They’re a complement to our existing Chef and Puppet integrations, and offer even more power and flexibility for you to manage and secure your fleet.

Custom Bash Scripts are available as two new apps in the Fleetsmith Catalog: Custom Bash Script (Run once) and Custom Bash Script (Scheduled). Here’s how they work:

  • Run once runs your script one time only. For example, a script that sets up an engineer’s developer environment may only need to be run once. If you use Run once to set up your custom bash script, Fleetsmith will only run it once each time you make a change to it.

  • Scheduled runs your script on a recurring schedule. For example, if your script enforces a specific operating system setting, you can set it to run automatically at a custom date and time. You may want to set your scripts to run every 2 minutes, every 5 hours, once per day at noon, or one or more days per week at a specific time.

Fleetsmith Cust

  • Run at Load is an additional option when you use Scheduled scripts. If you enable it, your script will run immediately when the computer first receives it, each time it boots up, and on your custom schedule.

Plus, if you update your Scheduled script, your Macs won’t miss a beat. Your machines will run the script at the next scheduled run time.

Now that Custom Bash Scripts are out in wild, we’re excited to see what you’ll do with them! Drop us feedback, comments, or questions at feedback@fleetsmithhq.com, and stay in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.